Top 5 Innovations We Can Expect in Social Networks in 2019

Social media has become an integral part of our lives. According to Statista, there will be over 2.77 billion social media users around the world by 2019. This constitutes more than a third of the global population. These figures clearly indicate the growing usage and influence of social media platforms.

Websites such as Facebook, Instagram,and Twitter have taken over our lives and are continuing on the growth path. There are also numerous other websites coming up in this space, fostering the need for innovation. The use of social media is no longer restricted to personal leisure. It is becoming a major tool for digital marketing as well as advertising. Companies are using these platforms in order to sell their products and reaching out to new customers. So here is a list of the top 5 innovations that can be expected to boost the social networks in 2019:

Top 5 Innovations We Can Expect in Social Networks

1. Integrated Services

The integration of social media with daily services is expected to grow in 2019. Users are already able to connect to brands or celebrities by just clicking a simple button online. Going forward, this integration will penetrate our lives even deeper. Most of the social media apps are likely to be connected with other apps in order to share and receive personal data. This will enable even quicker logins to services such as government departments, utilities as well as personal care solutions. Integration of social media across platforms and services will enable organisations to cut down on the waiting time,and this will ultimately benefit the end-users.

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2. Chatbots

A chatbotis basically a computer program used to provide customer services. It not only effectively reduces the human interaction but also helps in reducing costs. More and more apps and websites are making use of chatbots in order to serve their customers. In 2019, it is expected that social media platforms will follow suit. These platforms will embed chat support bots into their apps and websites in order to provide quick and efficient solutions to users.

At the moment, social media giants Facebook and Twitter have customised help,and support pages but they do not offer chat bot support globally. Going forward, this innovation is likely to further reduce the waiting time for users and help them with quick and accurate solutions. These bots are getting smarter and can easily understand the needs of the users. They are also expected to become more user-friendly by addressing each user individually and catering to their personalised needs.

 3. Virtual Spaces

Social media giant Facebook has been working on a new product known as virtual spaces. This product has been designed in order to make the best of virtual reality as well as social media. It is an innovation which will remove the boundaries between virtual and real by providing virtual reality (VR) as well as augmented reality (AR) solutions to social media users.

This innovation will allow users to have immersive AR experiences which will be without any filters. 2019 could be a critical year for this technology to materialise on a large scale and engage the users of Facebook. If it gains momentum, it could effectively be a game changer for the social media industry. It would not only provide a much more holistic social media experience to users but would also help companies in promoting their brands more effectively to social media users.

4. Evolution of Stories

Some social media networks such as Facebook and Instagram are already offering their users the ability to post “stories”, which are messages, pictures or videos that are visible to their network for a short period of time, usually 24 hours. In 2019, it is expected that these stories will evolve even further. Users will be provided with the opportunity to customise their stories. They will be able to choose the members of their network who can view and comment on their stories.

Further, another innovation that is likely to take over social media is the use of live stories. Live stories are just like the usual stories, but they are streamed live to the world. This way, a person’s network can view it live, but it will not be present forever unlike the regular live videos. This feature has already been tested by Facebook and will potentially be offered to all users soon. It will allow the users to share their experiences with their network or their customised list of friends.

5. Expansion of Influencer Marketing

Social media celebrities or “influencers” are being increasingly used to market products and services online. This trend is likely to expand further in the coming year. One possible innovation is the use of a concept known as Ephemeral marketing. It is a variant of social media marketing that makes use of producing short-lived content. For instance, a social media influencer is used to market a particular product or service via a promotional video.

This video is removed from the account after a short period and is replaced by another one. In this way, companies can create innovative advertisements that create intrigue in the minds of the users. In 2019, social media will increasingly be used in order to promote products since the use of these platforms continues to grow. Commercial entities are likely to increase their spending on innovative initiatives such as Ephemeral marketing in order to garner a higher chunk of the market.

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To sum up, innovations in social media are continuing to come forward,and this trend is likely to improve in 2019. Such innovations will not only benefit the end users but also prove to be advantageous for the companies looking tomarket their products and services online. With the emergence of various newer social media apps such as Snapchat, the bigger companies such as Facebook and Twitter will need to sustain a culture of innovation in order to keep a stronghold on the market and engage their existing user base even more.

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