SEO Tools to Improve YouTube Marketing

In recent times, digital marketing is rapidly evolving keeping pace with changing customer preferences, interests, andbehaviour. Videos have emerged as a one-of-a-kind marketing strategy that can garner a higher click-through rate, improved user engagement,and better conversions. It is expected that by 2021, videos will drive 82% of total Internet traffic.

And when it comes to videos, YouTube still conquers the world!

Wondering why investing in YouTube video marketing is a lucrative catch for you? Read on to know more.

Some Facts…

Do you know that YouTube is the 2ndmost popularly used search engines after Google, having over 3 billion searched per month? 6 out of 10 people prefer watching videos online on YouTube than live TV. According to a study by Google, a whopping 65% of ad time on YouTube receives the viewer’s attention as compared to 45% of television advertisements.

Additionally, 70% of marketers are confident that YouTube videos can lead to sales, while 81% believes they can seamlessly create user engagement with YouTube.

The above figures are lucrative enough for any marketer to invest in YouTube marketing and have their share of profits.

Now it is important to understand that simply uploading a video on YouTube won’t do. Every day, approximately 1 million videos are uploaded on this online video platform. So, how would your video stand out and make its place to the top search results?

This article is a comprehensive guide on how to improve your YouTube Marketing campaign.

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Make Your YouTube Video SEO Friendly 

 Here are some ways you can make the video search engine friendly:

  1. a) Video Title: Include most-searched keywords and power words to your video title to make itSEO-friendly and clickable. In the below example, Digital Marketing is the keyword and ‘Killer’ is the power word.

SEO Tools to Improve YouTube Marketing

  1. b) Attractive Descriptions: The YouTube video description should be of at least 200 words, crisp, compelling and must include the top keywords. The more YouTube understands your video and the keywords it has, the better it would rank.

YouTube video description

  1. c) Filename: Make sure you include the primary keyword in the image tag. Google gives high importance to an image’s title and “alt text” to read the content.
  1. d) Make Longer Videos: Just like content, longer videos do well in ranking, both on Google and YouTube. However, do not stretch it irrelevantly.

Use Effective SEO Tools  

Want to make it to the top of YouTube searches? Thankfully, there are several effective tools that you can utilise for best results.

  1. a) YouTube Search

YouTube’s search engine can help you check out other related videos like yours. So, you know what is already popular and how you can make something unique. Search for most-searched keywords for your niche, tags, descriptions, etc. to check why they rank on the top.

  1. b) Cyfe

It is an intuitive business dashboard that allows you to view critical content marketing data in one place. You can track parameters like social media, finance, sales, client reporting, marketing, web analytics, IT and project management.

Create customised dashboard for YouTube keywords; say for instance, monitor traffic coming from Facebook or Google Plus for your target search terms. You can also find different keyword variations that you may target. Based on this report, prioritise the video content as per what is garnering most traffic.

  1. c) YouTube Search Auto Suggest

You might not know but long-tail keywords do work for YouTube search. Use YouTube’s Search Auto Suggest feature to find long-tail keywords relevant to your video. When you start typing a keyword on YouTube, it will provide suggestions on different long-tail keywords that people often search for. See the example below:

You can also target these long-tail keywords to rank for them as well and drive traffic to your site.

  1. d) Vidiq

This unique SEO tool provides a plethora of YouTube video marketing tools to help you build a strong audience base. You know that the right tags can significantly boost YouTube search result rankings for videos. Vidiq helps you build a vast library of video tags to get discovered quickly and easily.

While create tags with Vidiq, add few keywords to highlight what your video is all about. Keyword-rich tags can help showcase your video in YouTube’s side bar under the section of “related videos.” Another advantage of using this tool is it tells how critical it is get top rankings for a particular keyword. This helps you determine whether it is at all worth trying to rank for that specific keyword.

You can also identify several “hot” keywords that do not have competition yet. The tool also shows metrics about social media mentions, best time to upload, your performance against competing videos, and the best performing videos. Additionally, you can manage all your YouTube videos in one place using Vidiq. From there, you can sort by likes, views other parameters.


  1. e) YouTube Custom Video Embed Generator

 To promote your YouTube videos and add more to Subscriptions, use advanced embedding tools like YouTube Custom Video Embed Generator. It helps create an improved embed code that will allow you to:

  • Auto-play or loop your video
  • Start the video from anywhere
  • Add ‘share’ links as the video is playing
  • Enable/Disable viewer’s control

YouTube Custom Video Embed Generator

With this tool, you can also add video schema to highlight what is in the video. This may help you drive higher rankings.

  1. f) DrumUp

 If you are unable to effectively promote your YouTube videos on social media, you are missing out the revenues to your competitors. Make it easy for people to find your videos using this powerful tool, DrumUp. It helps you promote the videos by letting you properly schedule their distribution on various social media channels.

It lets you add different social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Targeting your audiences across these channels will become seamless with DrumUp. It also allows you to authenticate various social media accounts and also preview how the posts will appear before going live.

The Final Thought…

 Video content is the king today! Improve performance of your YouTube videos with effective private label SEOservicesand marketing tactics.

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