How To Use LinkedIn for B2B Marketing

Use LinkedIn for B2B Marketing – Did you know? LinkedIn is now the number one social media platform for content marketing?

Use LinkedIn for B2B Marketing

All the digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad must know LinkedIn’s story. It is one of the most inspiring tales in itself. It was launched in 2003 as a very small organization and it has grown to be a platform with 546 million users today spread across 200 countries.

LinkedIn is undoubtedly the best networking platform for businesses and professionals.

Ranking second after the US [128 Mn], India has 35 Million LinkedIn users followed by Brazil [25 Mn]. And these are the professionals, leaders of the global economy. However, for many social media agency in Ahmedabad, LinkedIn is a platform with less engagement and “Likes”.

but if you are looking for better prospects for your business, LinkedIn is the ultimate solution!

1. Make a company page and optimize it for lead generation

Yes, lead generation! Research indicates that among all the social media platforms, LinkedIn is the most effective platform for B2B lead generation, followed by Facebook and Google Plus. More than 80% leads generated on social networking platform are from LinkedIn.

That explains everything!

Make a company page


So, try to give maximum attention to every feature on the company’s LinkedIn profile and optimize it. You don’t need to keep on giving the company’s basic information and ‘about-us story’ all the time. Use this platform as a channel to divert your lead to your website. And meanwhile, work on the conversion part on the LinkedIn page. Use attractive graphics as banner image, compelling content as the description, and give links to your website.

2. Strategize your content to provide people with some value

These are the professionals, they are always curious for more knowledge. And the best way to earn their trust and respect is by staying updated and giving updates to others. You can share blogs, infographics, videos, seminars, presentations, recommendations, statistics, status updates, and tips from your company profile which will help you create an impression of knowledgeable entity.

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Also, create a parallel strategy for engaging with candidates interested to join your organization. Because they will try to be connected with you for future career opportunities. You can connect with LinkedIn influencers and share their ideas through your company profile too.

3. Use LinkedIn Groups for broadening your outreach

LinkedIn’s community features are the best way to interact with like-minded people from B2B world and participate in different discussions. You may also create your own group and share the updates about your organization/ industry with people who are interested.

Use LinkedIn Groups


Groups are a great way to get traction and establish your brand positioning perfectly. But make sure your group has enough activities going on because LinkedIn gives preference in ranking to the groups that are active. But be careful to not act like a salesperson in there, it will be a huge turn-off.

4. Use the Advanced Search feature to reach out to potential leads

Don’ t just wait for the people to discover you. You can discover people who might be interested in your organization. Through Advanced Search feature. You can narrow down your searches through various filters and parameters.

Also, focus more on increasing your network because usually the leads come from first, second, and third level connections. You can also save your search results in case you may need to go through the search again.

Use the Advanced Search feature


5. Engage with your connection in a polite and confident manner

Remember, this is the place to build a mutually beneficial professional network. So, engage with people with the goal of creating a long-term relationship. Interact with them Do not spam people with information they don’t need.

Also, your connections will be looking forward to connect with a real person here. The technology is offering a lot of avenues like AI and Chatbots but for generating a solid lead, automation might make you look insincere. Take some time to have a real interaction with the connection and turn the lead into a conversion.

6. Use Advertisements and Marketing tools on LinkedIn

LinkedIn also allows you to advertise your brand through Sponsored Content and Sponsored InMail. You can easily amplify your content and help it reach to more and more professionals. Your content will be more visible in people’s LinkedIn feed.

And the Sponsored InMail will help you to communicate with the prospect leads, to convert them. You can also use the Dynamic Ads to target the personalized ads to specific people. These ads use the details uploaded on a LinkedIn profile and display the ads accordingly.

7. Upgrade and utilize the premium features of LinkedIn

LinkedIn allows people to utilize some premium features to get connected with professionals more efficiently. There are four types of paid membership available, Career, Sales, Business, and Hiring. It gives you new features, more access to data and details, better insights & analytics, and training.

Especially the LinkedIn Premium’s Sales Navigator! It will help you a lot in generating more and more leads which you can pursue further for conversion. Also, you can implement a multi-seat version Sales Navigator Team, where your team can utilize more number of InMail and also unlock out-of-network profiles.


For a digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad or anywhere else in the world, using LinkedIn is a must. Because through LinkedIn, you can reach to the people who can take decisions and who may actually want to explore your business. So, from making a LinkedIn profile to strategically publishing the content, from LinkedIn groups to sponsored contents and InMail, the benefits are really remarkable.

A lot of social media agency in Ahmedabad ignore LinkedIn and try to promote the business on Facebook and Instagram only where they can get more “LIKES” to show. But as discussed earlier, 80% of the leads generated on social media, come from LinkedIn. So now everyone may understand that LinkedIn is different from others.

Social Media is necessary to promote business of course and other platforms can be of a great help if you just want to build brand awareness. If you need more B2B leads, LinkedIn is the best without any doubts.


Author: Piyush Golani –

Piyush Golani leads a team of amazing digital marketing professionals at SearchNative – a full service digital marketing agency. His job is to build, implement and monitor full scale digital marketing campaigns and ensure they deliver long term value.


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