How to Start Blog With Bluehost

How To Start WordPress Blog with Bluehost Hosting?

Learn How to Start WordPress Blog with Bluehost and earn money online a step by step guide and easy to follow process that will help you setup your own blog from the scratch.

The first thing Are you an aspiring blogger? If yes, then it is important for you to know about best web hosting for blog. Well, know that if you are interested in making money off your freelancing or blogging business, then you have to take the cheaper and best way.

If you think that you can just start blogging, and your will start earning by just learn the tits and tats on a free platform and then consider making some investment. It is undoubtedly a bad idea. Instead, choose to start a WordPress blog with bluehost. However, there are a number of credible and cheap web-hosting companies on the web, but Bluehost tops the list. Reasons?


Know here-

  •  Bluehost is one of the most credible hosting service provider recommended by WordPress itself.
  •  It offers best-in-the-class services at a cheaper price. Bluehost are facilitated with a free domain. Isn’t it great?
  •  Users can run any of their own affiliate links, advertisements, or direct advertising with Bluehost in use.
  •  It is difficult to make money on free blogging platforms. Rather, there are high possibilities of zero earnings.
  •   Most of the companies and advertisers don’t prefer blogs/websites made on free blogging websites. They are  regarded as unprofessional. This is one of the biggest reasons of using Bluehost.
  • Bluehost offers a highly standardized cPanel hosting.
  •  It features Fantastico, which is one of the best and easiest ways of installing WordPress. Fantastico allows manual installation of WordPress, making it all the more easy to start blogging.

For the aspiring WordPress bloggers- there is so much you need to learn aboutHow to start a WordPress blog on Bluehost.” Hey, don’t be anxious. In order to make things easy for you, we have come up with guide article.

How to start wordpress blog with bluehost in detail-


Step #1. Register a Domain Name (Free Domain Name Discount)
Step #2. Get a Web Host (as low as $3.95 per month with Bluehost)
Step #3. Set up WordPress ($0)
Step #4. Choose a Theme for Your Blog
Step # 5. Getting to know WordPress

Step 1- Registering unique domain name

You’ll need to sign up with Bluehost to get started. It is okay if you already have an account; otherwise create your Bluehost hosting account first. Here is a guiding screen shot for your help.


The most important thing is to think about the domain name before getting started building with a WordPress blog on the platform. Remember, your blog will be popular among the people by this name only, so be very careful here.

Do you have some random names in your mind? Hey, wait! Don’t end up with fixing the name. Check out on Bluehost to confirm whether it is available or not.

Tips for helping you to choose a perfect domain name. It should be-

  • Easy to remember, unique and fun
  • Feature a keyword or phrase with high searches for example. Go for something like- “
  • Unique and easy to spell
  • Different, short and easy to remember; example-
  • Ending with .com; it gets more credibility. Alternatively, you may choose .net or .org.

Bluehost gives fine selections of alternatives if particular domain name isn’t available. Check the image below-

check domain

If you are looking for super easy process for getting a domain name, then you may get it directly through the platform. Bluehost provides free domain to the users who invest in Bluehost web hosting worth of 12 months. However, the good part is that the 12 months purchase will benefit you with some savings. It isn’t that bad deal, yeah! You may choose the plans as per your affordability and requirement. The process is too easy. Just a few clicks and you’ll get your hosting package and free domain.

Benefits of signing up hosting package-

  • Users are facilitated with Free domain
  • Bluehost offers cheap hosting packages for maximum benefits of its clients. You pay almost nothing in comparison to the price of other web hosting service providers.
  • You don’t have to encounter an expired website or renewal of your hosting. In case you miss out the renewal of your package card, there are high chances of losing traffic/website. This means loss of your business. Why play risky.

Here is the updated list of Bluehost web hosting packages

Hosting Plan

A brief on the costs of blogging with Bluehost-

  • The “Basic” plan will prove out to be your best bet if you are looking for cheapest option. It will cost you only $3.45 per month.
  • Next, you may need to pay for Domain Privacy Protection, which costs $0.99 a month only. This will keep your contact info completely safe. Mark that safety is of prime importance when it comes to blogging.
  • You may invest in other Bluehost items as per your particular needs.

Great…now you’re ready for the next step.

Step 2- Bring your hosting and domain together


Here is an easy way to connect your Bluehost web hosting account with your domain. You’ll need to modify the DNS servers name following the steps listed below-

  1. First Login into your
  2. Click on “Account Manager”
  3. Now go to “Manage Your Account” drop down menu or “Domain names” list, next, click on “Manage Domains.”
  4. Choose the domain name by clicking on the tick-boxes for modifying DNS server name
  5. Now click on “Set Name Servers”
  6. You will find the “Name Servers” header towards the right side of the screen, type in the updated server name info and then click on “Save Changes.”

After saving the changes, add your Godaddy domain purchased as an additional domain to the Bluehost web hosting account. For this, first you need to login into your web hosting account created on Bluehost, then choose “Domains” and now choose “assign.” The whole process is too easy and straightforward.


Now let’s move ahead with how to build a website on bluehost

Step 3- Installing WordPress on Bluehost account


WordPress tops the list of highly reputed publishing platforms on the internet. The two best things about WordPress is that its easy use and set up. Moreover, users can customise it to endless amounts using wide selections of free themes and widgets. Building a WordPress blog is a matter of few minutes.

Just follow the steps here-

  1. After creating your Bluehost account, you will be directed to the exact screen where your main purpose will be sorted that is of creating a blog.
    install wordpresss
  2. First, you’ll need to choose a professional looking WordPress theme (recommended). You can either choose a random theme or browse through the wide range of selections to find the perfect one matching your requirements. Note that you have the option of changing the theme later. So it’s not necessary to pick your theme right away. You may even choose to skip this step.
  3. Now choose “Start Building”
  4. The next step will be making a choice between “Business” or “Personal”– it totally depends on your preference and needs. Alternatively, you may go with “I don’t need help.”
    So you see the answers to how does Bluehost work with WordPress aren’t that tough though! Anyway, let’s proceed further-
  5. The next screen will bring you the option of Installing WordPress
    installing wordpress
  6. Now, choose the place where the WordPress needs to be installed. Mostly, people choose their new website. You’ll come across the originally picked domain name.
  7. In the next step, you’ll have to enter your WordPress account details. It is suggested to tick the box “Automatically create a new database for this installation”.WordPress account details

Yayyyy….your WordPress blog on with Bluehost hosting is ready!


Feeling relieved? Yeah! Great! But you are not done yet completely!
Just a small task ahead….

Step 5- Apply a Professional Theme

There are countless choices on WordPress, but the Genesis Theme is highly popular among the bloggers. It comes at a nominal price of $59.95 only. The theme customised according to the particular needs of the individual.

Its sleek layout and attractive display is one-of-a-kind. The greatest thing about this theme is its compatibility with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Moreover, its loading speed is much high in comparison to other WordPress themes. It’s all because of its design framework. Genesis Theme has everything needed to retain the visitors on the blog.

Note that there are free WordPress themes as well. You may choose one of them if you don’t wish to invest in themes. Just click on “Appearance” button of your WordPress account to access wide selections of free themes.

Make sure you produce good contents and make your blog appealing. Work on it really hard for great results!

Tips and Techniques

  • It is important to save the login details of your WordPress account. You’ll receive the email after you complete step 4 above. The details are emailed by the platform after WordPress blog installation. The email contains WordPress login URL, password and username of the user’s account. Make sure to secure it very carefully.
  • Users can start posting new posts after building their WordPress account on Bluehost. You just have to click on “Posts,” which will be towards the left hand side of your screen and then click on “Add New.”
  • For adding a picture to the post, choose “Add Media.” Here is a screen shot for your reference-
    new post on blog
  • If you wish to insert items to the front page, sidebars, and footer, include them in the “widgets” section. Click on “Appearance” and then select “Widgets.” Even image widgets is also a good option.
  • You’ll need extra tool like Convertkit for sending out a newsletter or emails to the subscribers. It offers some most amazing options of tagging the subscribers, scheduling, and automating the emails to the selected people.

Tips for Making Your Blog worth Thousands of Dollars

1) Do not compromise with the quality of your content-

The content you post should be unique and original. Use your perspective and experience to create high-quality SEO content. Plus, your posts should be entertaining and interesting. People give preference to content with value..

2) Practise commenting on the reputed blogs related to your niche-

You could easily attract visitors to your blog through attractive comments on popular blogs. Well-written comments on the blogs not only grab the attention of the audience of that blog but also of the blog owner. You can easily get a couple of leads for your blog through commenting, as every comment will have the backlink of your blog.

3) Guest posting on popular blogs related to your niche –

It is one of the best ways of diversifying your audience, while boosting your blog’s traffic. You need to do some homework in order to present a compelling image before the blogger. Extra hard needed to post your content on high-profile blogs. In addition, make sure to practice consistent commenting on their blog/website. It is also advised to share their content on various social media platforms. This is to build a healthy initial relationship so that the blogger takes quick notice of you. You’ll have to do this for over 3 months. Eventually, you may drop in an email to the blogger to ask him/her about creating a unique guest post for their platform.

4) Be consistent in posting content-

You may either post the contents daily or alternatively. Just be consistent with it. Initially you may find it hard to maintain the schedule; your efforts will be paid off eventually. Don’t keep your readers anticipating about the next post on your platform.

5) Create a community for your blog-

You must have noticed that the highly reputed bloggers have built raving fan following and large communities that support and follow them almost everywhere on the web. This is to demonstrate your passion for the particular cause and subject. Do keep your community in mind every time when you publish content.

Here is the end…
We have now reached at the tutorial’s end. Don’t turn anxious even if you get stuck on the way to setting-up the blog. Just follow the procedures wisely and you won’t face any problems.



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