FatCow Hosting Reviews – Pros and Cons

FatCow Inception

FatCow is among the oldest Web Hosting services in Business. It started operations in the year 1998 By Jackie Fewell. So it is among the oldest hosting service provides in business.

It is now owned by Endurance International Group, a BBB accredited Company.  This service is best for small to medium size enterprises.


Features of FatCow

  • Free first domain
  • Add-on domains – unlimited
  • Extra domain Reg. $15.99/year*
  • Private Domain Reg.$9.9/yr*
  • Storage capacity unlimited
  • Data transfer unlimited

All accounts run on Linux servers that are powered by Apache.  They are capable of running MySQL databases, support add-ons and reporting software and other heavy duty web apps.

Some special features you get for using the FatCow hosting service are:

  • Bonus AdWords Voucher worth $100 to attract more visitors
  • Amazing WordPress Blogging platform
  • Free listing on YP.com a Yellow page directory for local businesses
  • Use the $50 Facebook ad credit to tap the Facebook social market

Control Panel – Main Menu

FatCow has a user-friendly control panel. It consists of the following:

  • The Website panel has features like FTP, SimpleSripts and File manager. This panel helps in editing, creating and maintaining this website.
  • Domain: This panel has options for maintain the present domain, registering any new ones and also transferring old ones.
  • Email: This panel is for checking mails, changing settings, making mailing lists and autoresponders
  • Marketing Services: displays Ad credits, email marketing tools and toll free numbers.
  • Additional tools: here you can see server stats and seek options for editing our.ht access files.

Hosting plans

There four types of hosting plans available at FatCow:

Original FatCow

It is a shared hosting plan with an introductory $3.15 a month plan.  The plan gives $50 in social networking credits and 1GB JustCloud storage.

WordPress Blog

The plans under this head include WP Starter Plan and WP Essential Plan. The starter Plan is good for individuals while the Essential Plan with enhanced security, speed and support is good as a business blog.

VPS Services


There are three plans under this head 

VPS storage Plan RAM CORE BANDWITH Storage
Basic Plan 1 GB 2 1 TB 40 GB
Business Plan 4 GB 2 3 TB 90 GB
Optimum Plan 8GB 4 4TB 120 GB

 Dedicated Servers

Here again there are three options Start up Plan, Professional Plan and Enterprise plan


The price in this plan slot ranges from $119.99 per month to $191.99 a month.

Dedicated Server plan RAM CORE BANDWITH Storage
Startup plan 4 GB 2 5 TB 500 GB
Professional Plan 8 GB 4 10 TB 1000 GB
Enterprise Plan 16 GB 4 15 TB 1000 GB

FatCow hosting Pros and Cons

How do you asses a Hosting service?  Just by reviewing Uptime, Storage capacity, Speed and Customer service.  Here is a list of pros and cons experienced while using this service……


  • Customer support
  • Customer support is one of the plus points of FatCow.
  • Live chat & phone service
  • Live Chat gets us to a service person almost immediately. So the problem is solved faster.
  • User database

User database has FAQs about domain, partnership program, security emails, files and policies.  As it is a exhaustive database one can surely find answers to any queries regarding the FatCow hosting service

1.    No hidden costs

Most hosting services offer a low cost at first and charge exorbitant renewal costs. Also, in the long run you end up paying more than you thought you would. Not FatCow.  Their pricing is real and renewals and long term price are fairly normal.

2.    Uptimes

FatCow do not publish them Uptime Stats.  But their average Uptime touches 99.99% which is good for your business. It even achieved 100% uptime average in 2018 which is difficult for even websites like Amazon to achieve.

3.    Daily backup facility

Most companies do not provide daily backup service. So your information is protected and you need not spend on third party backups.  Of course backups come up with a cost.

4.    30 day money guarantee

FatCow give you a 30 day money back guarantee on its entire plan.  You can use this option if you are not satisfied with their services.

5.    Website transfers are free

If you wish to transfer your existing website to FatCow, the charges are free.  They also provide a domain free!

6.    Free Web icons for site design

Design your website in an attractive manner with some “3,926 web farm icons” that FatCow provides for free.

7.    Environment conscious

  • FatCow is eco-friendly
  • Their data centers are powered by wind energy
  • They are an EPA Green Power Partner
  • They own more Renewable Energy Certificates than they use.


FatCow is a case in study of a good product slowly depreciating over the years

1.    Uptimes are not consistent

Average Uptimes stats for 2017 were not consistent.  It was as low as 99.60% in October and was at an all-time high at 99.91% in December 2017.

However in 2018 the average uptime has been consistent and has hovered around the 99.956%.

2.    The Speed factor

Speed is not FatCow’s forte!  While the average industry speed is 890ms, the speed of the very FatCow is 1347ms.

This may affect your business as half of your visitors may back-off if the site does not load in few seconds.

3.    Up-selling

There is high up-selling when you chose a FatCow hosting plan.  Once you sign up for free software and web application trials, you may need to cancel the trial soon or else you will end up buying a product which is not useful to you.

4.    Cancellation – Proves Expensive

Once you cross the 30 day money back guarantee, you stand to lose on cancellation.  Firstly, they need you to give a 30 day notice for cancellation.  You have to shell out at least a minimum of $35 as early cancellation charges.

All in all, while FatCow was in great demand previously but they are slowly losing their effectiveness and demand.

If you are still impressed by their product range and other pro-factors, just call the helpline as there are many weekend promotions and discount sales going on at present. Visit the FatCow official website at the earliest to avail this promotional measure.

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