5 Reasons How Social Media Automation Will Improve Your Online Engagement

Social Media refers to applications and web pages or sites that help the users in getting involved in social networking. By virtue of this, users can create and share contents, ideas, outlook, and notions. You can also be connected to your friends and other users who have similar interests as yours. This is an era of internet and social networking. Today, through the internet, we can meet most of the requirements in terms of goods, services, and ideas. Therefore, we can see that for an individual, Social Media is a one-stop solution for almost everything. Apart from this, it is also helping business entities in multiple ways. Social Media helps in creating brand awareness and positioning in the mind of the customers. This helps in generating leads, which boosts sales and ultimately earns a profit for the business entity. However, a proper engagement is required to reap the benefits of Social Media. Now let us understand the ways in which you can stay engaged online or on Social Media.

Social Media Automation

Ways to Stay Engaged Online

As an individual, you need to be active on Social Media platforms by joining groups of your choice, and interacting with other users in the form of commenting, following, and liking web pages and sites.

As a business entity, the ways in which you maintain your online engagement are:

  1. Post Relevant Contents – You should post relevant contents that define your business, product, and services. The content should also focus on how the product or service that you are offering can benefit the customers. Do an analysis of customer search results and based on that keep updating the contents.
  1. Keep Your Website Accessible – There should be multiple search options available for your websites or web pages. Link them to other Social Media platforms. This will increase the visibility of your business.
  1. Welcome New Members – Whenever new members visit your site or page, offer them a warm welcome. In case you have created a group on any of the social platforms, always introduce the new members to other members of the group.
  1. Reward Participations – Encourage visitor and customer participation by organizing contests and quizzes. Also, reward the winners and participants.
  1. Encourage Public Poll – If you are struggling with any question regarding the product or service that you offer, put it forth in the form of a question on the website. Let customers and visitors provide their insight. This will increase your engagement and interaction with the customers. At the same time, you will also get an insight about augmenting and upscaling your business, products, and services.

After getting a clarity on how to stay engaged online or on a Social Media platform, let us figure out how automation of Social Media can improve this engagement.

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What is Social Media Automation?

Social Media Automation refers to the use of applications or programs that can imitate a human interaction on Social Media platforms such as liking, commenting, following, and posting. The simplest example of automation is the ‘Auto-Reply’ feature in an email client. These automated programs that imitate human behavior are called ‘Bots’. Automation has many advantages and it definitely boosts up your online engagement. So, how does it boost online engagement?

How Social Media Automation Improves Online Engagement

Automation of Social Media can improve your engagement in many ways as mentioned below:

  1. Automation Optimizes Content Posting Time – In a normal scenario, with human effort, it is a bit difficult to figure out at what time of the day, your online platform is most active or engaged. This is important to know because, if you post your contents during the most active hours, the viewership of the content will be more. As the traffic increases, chances of sharing the content also increases. Thus, you will be able to reach out to a larger group. Automation helps you in identifying and analyzing the time when your webpage or website is the most engaged. For some social sites like Twitter, the shelf life of the contents is very low. Automation helps in these cases as well. Some of the applications that help in analyzing the engagement level are SocialBro, SocialFlow, and SumAll.
  1. Automation Helps you in Scheduling Your Posts – Automation can be beneficial if you need to post your comments or contents during the most engaged time of your website but it will not be manually possible for you as you are residing in a completely different time zone. Through automation, you can schedule your posts. There are specific applications that use the scheduling mechanism and post your contents even when you are sleeping. Some of the scheduling applications are Buffer, HootSuite, SproutSocial, and TweetDeck.
  1. Automation Helps in Managing Multiple Social Media Platforms – Individuals and business mostly utilize more than one Social Media platform in order to increase engagement and the number of target audience. In this scenario, users need to post the same content or comment on multiple platforms. Automation helps in creating a synergy between all the platforms once the content is published in any one of them. This helps in increasing online engagement of the user with less effort. Some of the social media marketing automation tools that help in synchronizing multiple Social Media Platforms are Buffer, Everypost, Hootsuite, and SocialOomph.
  1. Automation Makes Visitor Interaction Easy – Greeting the new member who visits your site is an important part of the online engagement. Automation enables this task. When audiences visit a website, the chat box pops up and greets them. One of the applications that help in doing this is Chatbot. It simulates human conversation and responds to visitors. This function caters to the queries of the visitors and creates a good impression on them.
  1. Automation Increases Content Variety and Enables Content Re-use – Another advantage of automation is that it enables you to post contents and comments through multiple devices such as mobile phones, netbooks, and laptops. This increases content variety. Instagram is one of the examples that is used only through a mobile phone. Automation also helps you in re-using a particular content. If you have a content that needs to be re-used after regular interval of time in order to engage audiences, automation is the solution for you.


We can see that automating Social Media using various tools is very beneficial and it can scale up your online engagement. In this era of information technology, Social Media holds a very important position. Moreover, the dependency on Social Media is growing day by day. You can reap the benefit of this platform by using it efficiently and automation makes this platform more efficient.

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