5 fundamental hosting features for WordPress Ecommerce website

The most trending and the best ecommerce website platform you can have is WordPress CMS. Creating a website is the easiest way, if you’re considering WordPress CMS for your website.  WordPress CMS is not the only thing through which you can easily build a website but you also need to have a good web hosting provider. The main benefit of building a website with WordPress CMS is that you can build dynamic sites without spending much time on the same. And for that you require a good web hosting company that provides you all the features of cheap WordPress hosting India for your ecommerce website.

5 fundamental hosting features for WordPress Ecommerce website

If you want to build WordPress ecommerce website then below mentioned are few essential features that you need to consider.

1. High availability:

The major advantage of launching an eCommerce store is that it is always online. May it be any time or day, it doesn’t really matter for your website to be live.  Always make sure while choosing a hosting provider that he will be available for you all the time.  The main reason behind this is that it will make huge impact on your website in terms of sales and online reputation. High availability is the important and specific term in hosting jargon. That means the provider will guarantee that your site will be available for maximum time.  Now what about the downtime? Practically that is not in your hand. It actually depends on the server load or other network issues.  More the site is offline more the chances of losing the customer.

2. High-performance WordPress hosting:

In addition to above stated feature another key factor is the performance of the hardware on which your eCommerce site runs. The website loading speed plays an important role as it directly affects both – your Google ranking and customer engagement. If your website is running slow then it won’t rank in Google SERP and have lower conversion rates. Before choosing a web host, always make sure the platform on which it runs its WordPress hosting. Check for the latest and powerful hardware resources for high performance.

3. Tight Security:

Security is one of the most important issues for online businesses. Hacking, infections, malware attacks are the prime source of challenges you need to face while building a website.

You need to be focused and look for the hosting which provides the following services:

  • Advanced anti-hacking technology:  To protect your website from cyber attacks and the other threats the web hosting provider plays an important role. Firewall will monitor your site for hacking attacks, malware infection and other threats. The firewall should be specially configured for WordPress.
  • Automatic updates: The hackers or cyber attackers use some specialized tools to scan the internet and look for websites with outdated, vulnerable software. Once they get such websites they target them for attack. This is the main reason that all software is updated automatically as soon as a new version gets released. And you can secure your website from all possible vulnerabilities.
  • Remote updates: Suppose you accidently remove your data or it gets stolen through hacking then as a business owner you need to take some important actions to recover all your data from the disaster. If your web host provides you the service of remotely backups then you quickly take online backup of your data. There are various hosting providers out there in the online market that provide you automatic backup facility which takes all your website backup and restores data whenever required.

4. Developer features:

It is the most important feature from the developers’ perspective. If you’re running an ecommerce website and as your business grows, you need to make additions, modifications to your site In traditional system, the main problem faced by the ecommerce website developers was that they weren’t able to test their updated sites before going live with the changes made. Nowadays, with WordPress hosting you can easily manipulate your website and make your website live instantly. The major advantage of implementing this type of hosting for your ecommerce website is that you can clone your website. Also, it provides the features like, WP-CLI, Git version control, phpMyAdmin, server side optimization, caching, etc. that will maintain all your ecommerce website data.

The major advantage of phpMyAdmin is that you can easily have the complete control on your database. That means, creating complex queries using Query-by-example (QBE) is easy. Also, you can import data from CSV and SQL format as well export data to various format such as CSV, SQL, XML, PDF, ISO/IEC 26300 – OpenDocument Text and Spreadsheet, Word, LATEX and others.

5. Technical Support:

While dealing with the ecommerce website, there are a lot of things that can go wrong and you need to fix those problems on an immediate basis. If you’re a professional then you can easily handle the issue but if you’re not then you need an expert or a support team to handle the same. And for that you should choose web hosting provider that comes with 24×7 technical support which can be reached through a variety of means: live chat, telephone, email and ticket. When it comes to ecommerce website, your hosting service is the pillar on which your venture is built. If your web hosting provider is poor then those weak pillars can cause your business to suffer or even fail. So, for secure and better future you need to choose a good hosting provider to fulfill all your needs. Hopefully, the five features discussed in the article are beneficial for you, if you’re running a WordPress ecommerce website. Are you looking for any WordPress plan for an ecommerce website? Then check out WordPress hosting plans of MilesWeb.


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