10 Proven Ways to Make Money from Blogging

Top 10 Proven Ways to Make Money from Blogging

  • Introduction

Want to make money from blogging here are top 10 way to earn money through your blog

Blogging has become common in almost every business providing website. It is a fantastic and popular way to present your service to the targeted customers. A well-managed blog always gives more benefit than a random presentation of the services. There is no limit how much extra income you can earn through blogging. It is a perfect way to get desired profit with fewer efforts.


If you are seeking for detailed information regarding money making ways of blogs, then you are landed to a correct page. Here we are presenting all the necessary information about blogging and possible ways of earning a profit from it.

  • How to make money blogging?

Now, you may be thinking about how to make money blogging? If you are passionate about writing, then you can create your own blog based on your area of interest. One can use some quick and handsome money with the help of effective and informative blog presentation. The best thing about this is you no need to make any investment to gain profit.

It doesn’t matter either you are a beginner or an expert, blogging always proves beneficial to make money with minimum efforts and no cost. Simply you have to do is to start a blog and adopt any monetizing way to earn money.

How to make money blogging

  • Requirements for blog monetization

To earn notable profit from a blog, you need to make your blog more presentable and readable. These are some basic requirements to get a desired result in blog monetization.

  1. Number of visitors

To gain profit form blog you need at least a thousand blog visitors per month. Visitors improve website traffic which helps you to achieve considerable business revenue. It is a main requirement to maintain proper network for blog monetization.

  1. Advance marketing strategy

Ensure that you have adopted advance and profitable marketing strategies which can make your blog more presentable. An informative and entertaining blog always catch attention of the visitors and make them more interested in your stuff. This all becomes possible with the taking help of proper business strategy.

  1. Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is an important factor one should consider while creating blog. It makes your blog more visible in search engine which proves helpful to convert readers into leads. Ensure to make SEO blog if you are planning to generate profit from it.

  • Steps to create monetizing blog

Making and monetising blog is an easy task. One should only have to take care of proper marketing strategy and useful content they are going to present through a blog. Here we are presenting few simple steps to by following which you can create a well earning blog.

  1. Start a blog

This is an initial step involved in an overall process. If you are thinking to make money blogging, then you must have a blog first. No issues if you haven’t had it already. You can start your own without investing much time and that is also free of cost.

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  • How to start a blog for free and make money?

This is a common question every beginner concern about. It is always possible to create your blog absolutely free. There are various platforms available in the market which gives you a chance to create a blog without investing money.

Are you the one looking for a trusted platform to build your blog completely free? WordPress is what you are looking for. It is a popular content management system known for amazing output without investing money. A well-designed blog catches attention of the people and drives more traffic to it.  WordPress helps you to have this and most interesting thing about it is this is absolutely free.  These are some notable reasons you should build WordPress website.

  1. SEO Friendly system

WordPress is SEO friendly system to develop your blog in the more effective way. It makes your blog more captivating to the search engine by using superior quality code. Content developed by a content management system is automatically becomes searchable in a search engine. It proves helpful to reach to the number of users within a shorter time.

VideoNow - WordPress Video Theme
VideoNow – WordPress Video Theme
  1. Easy to manage

Managing blog creation with the help of WordPress is very easy. It comes with integral updater which helps you to update themes as well as plugins when you wish to do so. They inform you regarding launching of an updated version and you can update with a simple click.

  1. Completely free to use

Best thing about WordPress is no need to invest money to use it. Source code of this software is easily available to modify as well as to play for your purpose. One can create any type of blog using this system effortlessly. Around, 31,000 plugins and 2600 themes are available on WordPress completely free. You can freely download, install and even modify it without paying a penny. Be part of the WordPress community and avail free support from the system.

  1. Suitable for various media types

WordPress allow you to handle not only text but images, audios, and video contents as well. It also supports well to file management. One can easily insert YouTube videos, Tweet from twitter, audios and even posts from Instagram to your website by just sharing its URL through your posts. WordPress is enough to handle every type of media and this makes it popular amongst the users.

  1. User-friendly software

You no need to be an expert blog creator to use WordPress and even if you are a beginner,  you can also use this software efficiently without any problem. You need not have any knowledge regarding blog development for using WordPress. This is a reason people choose WordPress as first choice when it comes to blog creation. There is also quick a guide available in this software to help to teach you how to install and use WordPress. Apart from this you can also avail support and help from the team of experts in case of any issue.

  1. Better Performance

The performance of WordPress is exceptional. It does not have any difficult features to understand. This makes it an excellent performer as well as user-friendly software. Unlike, other available software WordPress has superior performance and best client support.

  1. Great community support

Community support is another notable feature of WordPress which makes it more useful for the user to have easy handling. Here one can avail number of professional developers as well as programmers ready to help you for your every concern. This advantage makes WordPress Stand out of the crowd.

  1. Create useful content

Once you have your own blog, this is another important task to present useful content through it. Always try to cover interesting and informative topics in your blog. Adopt good blog strategies which can boost performance of your blog and improve your revenue alternatively. These are some helpful blog strategies to improve your performance.

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  • Best blog strategies

  1. Design blog perfectly

The perfectly designed blog always catch attention of the number of readers. Make some professional designs of blogs which are better suitable for every device. Try to be more presentable. It will improve visibility of your blog and alternatively will drive traffic of your website. Be professional and practical to improve traffic of a website effectively.

  1. Go with a suitable topic

Choose influential topic which people will love to read for sure. Proper research on particular topics can help to explain it in more effective ways. Solve some real life problems, technology related information, new innovations and something entertaining in which people are more interested. It will increase website traffic fast and if those people purchase your services, then it will be useful to improve your business revenue as well. Don’t forget to insert keywords related to your service within Blog. It will make your blog more visible to the people searching about a related topic.

  1. Maintain high quality

High quality content is more readable by visitors of your blog. Keep your information crispy and interesting. It will make people visit your blog frequently which can prove beneficial to increase traffic. Always focus on quality of content and focus more towards the informative content related to your service. Avoid grammatical mistakes which can be irritating for readers to go with. A well-managed blog with a suitable structure always works to collect more business revenue. You can also make use of few images or videos related to the subject in a blog. Images and videos are more helpful to catch traffic which can later convert to the customers. Alternatively it will improve your business revenue by making people purchase your products.

  1. Don’t forget Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The meaning of SEO is writing content by considering few notable keywords. Following SEO strategy will make your blog more suitable for readers to go through it. Your blog will be more accessible in search engines if you make proper use of Keywords related to the topic of a blog. It also proves helpful to have higher website traffic ranking within a shorter period. Being visible in a search result automatically improves targeted traffic and business revenue as well. SEO friendly blogs plays an important role in building brand and generating more traffic. You can take help from renowned platform like WordPress to get more SEO friendly website.

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  1. Make Social Media Promotion

An effective promotion of your service leads to exceptional sale and considerable business revenue. If you are thinking to advertise in more effective ways, then doing it through social media will be more advantageous. It is unique and trusted platform to promote your blog explaining your services and products. Try to post your blog through social media pages to generate more traffic as you expected. Generally, the number of people access social media daily than they go for any particular service provider website. Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram are common platform people using daily with the purpose of brand building and promotion of services. With, the help of this strategy you can increase traffic fast as compared to the other available options.

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  1. Choose suitable income streams

This is more important to decide about the way of generating blogging income. One should be more careful in making choice of an income stream for their website. Go with a suitable monetizing ways which can improve your blog traffic and make it more popular. You can use one or a combination of an income streams which is suitable for content of your blog.

content of your blog

  • Top ten ways to earn a profit from blogging

There are many ways you can do this and here we are enlisting ten proven ways to earn a profit from blogging.

  1. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a commonly used technique to generate money from a blog. It is best and efficient way to earn a good amount of money without many efforts. The profit you earn through affiliate marketing is much higher than other income sources. This is a reason affiliate management has become a widely adopted source of money. Many top companies like AmazonViglink and Flipkart arrange their own affiliation programs to improve market value of their products and bloggers can join these programs to make money. Whenever you promote a sale, you can earn an excellent commission from that particular platform.


  1. Selling products

This is quite simple way to gain profit from blogging. You can either sell other’s product or your own. It is always more beneficial to sell your own products to gain extra money. Try to sell products suitable to content you have presented through a blog. There are the numbers of profit gaining products to can sell. Digital goods, e-books, apps and educational courses are the most traffic driven products you can sell to achieve desired profit.

  1. Include Advertise

Adverse is another best way to make money with your blog. You can allow search engines to post advertise in your blog which can generate good income. There is wide availability of advertisement programs to choose from. AdSense is one of the commonly used advertisement program nowadays. It is best platform to make money blogging. Ensure to avoid excess presentation of ads in blog. E book ads, product ads and banner ads are the popular types of advertise being used nowadays. This is the best way to convert readers to leads.

  1. Offer freelancing services

Offer freelancing services

There are number of services like content writing, web development, blog designing and education courses which you can offer to your readers to convert them into leads. You can deliver any type of service you are expert in. It will make people more interested in your stuff and you can earn handsome money with every purchase of your service.

  1. Write Paid reviews

This is quite similar to affiliate marketing and a superb way to earn money from blogging. You can create a blog specialized in presenting product review and once any top company notice your service they can hire you for their work. There are many companies in the market who are seeking professional reviews for their products. You can write review on their product and make good amount of money through this service.

  1. Email Marketing

Email Marketing

This is another profitable way to earn from blogging. In this process bloggers have to create a list of email address of their visitors and enable them to come up with a list of targeted buyers for the product you are promoting through your blog. Once you generate a large list you can send promotional emails to that and earn good amount of money. Success rate of these techniques is higher and this is a reason is commonly used by many bloggers.

  1. Sell ad space

Selling ad space is the fastest way to make money online with the help of blog. Find someone who wishes to promote their product through your blog or website by paying money. There are few websites where you can get advertisers which can provide you great support to make money without making direct investment.

  1. Sponsored Posts and surveys

Selling sponsored post is advanced way to earn good amount of money. Generally top company pay you money to write or present a sponsored post created by them. If choices of your visitors are their targeted costumer’s matches then company will pay some amount you to reach to those customers referred by you.

  1. Start a Membership Program

Start a Membership Program

This is not so popular but useful way to earn good amount of money blogging. Here you can arrange a membership program where you can present special paid contents or forums only for registered members. This will be a good source of earning profit by collecting little amount charge from members in return of services or products.

  1. Sell your blog

This is for someone who is familiar with building blog using WordPress. Most of the people prefer to buy a blog which is already developed. If you are an owner of well-established blog earning good traffic as well as revenue and you wish to earn some money, then you can sell your blog in return of money. This is an excellent way to earn money blogging.

  • Conclusion

Creating a blog and monetize it is an easy task but one has been little patient enough to achieve desired success. The above mentioned are some proven and trusted way to make profit from blogging. A creative and attractive blog always play an important role in generating desired income as well as success. More interesting thing about monetizing blog is you need not to invest your precious time as well as money.

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